Posted on Tue 25 September 2018 in creativity

I randomly remembered a useful creativity exercise which definitely warrants sharing:

Your second to last piece of advice is actually something that's commonly taught in improvisation classes. It's called 'automatic writing' or 'auto reading' and its a very cool technique. What you do is close your eyes and imagine a …

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gpg key

Posted on Sat 02 June 2018 in misc

gpg public key: 0x02e95b4f4f3643e9


mQINBFvZPNoBEADF3D2Og0MeE2GMhiYSJ9Xf0xeGDUsbbHpkeK5bbTKpwgNOzsIF j3PpHmKhIiLe1bVlPHomCuVozwCzHEJKo3esgX5A+5euIeBzeaMPlK7camy23Vtr mvfcNtE/mATKWHdH0jJHL+YCl5gTZpO43Y9aL6INX4YyEeXB4T/AEvrUGo3U68b3 FqnMnZSKZYnw2ATBVhv3/R4tuMTJHrWkDSvL+OVSQ7NJc73ESMtcwigNtOS0QGFR dX+PuyjEHsxEyFY48ntmxg5ti5o3x0x5P0GbHKkU0vG84D4crkUETwRHLsYPcLym EowY3V/v/mfFZtp745HbyKVeTWwQrvy33B6Ax7sg7FRqspeoczQlOttPaZdxUDBa qzzEnN912GZQ+TLx+97BnJw85JrPaIuWFfhPWzls3RDG8W2YKyGvnLrMC2sZbcgv yGYJxF4MJcHoqH7MpdORGKI31AL2ve7FIrdBhQUv4NwI3l2hveLDaxBHcAxiAlJx h69e+bj3HrIYzIeGsDJPE+ILqRS6WJQGiTCdIuGQi8nM8uYAD9n9Hjqn+ix2J9Am IhydN/3Ech0ED+eROJHhg0dL1utOvmno3WSf+DAzv9qMcWogmdRirR1bandcTGAD p5xrWquQNdvmHEyf+7fkO5UQRLjBZLHcOwFj9RxlcYycQaqpV+eSZJ6gTwARAQAB tD5Kb2V5IFBhYmFsaW5hcyAoaHR0cHM6Ly9hbHlwdGlrLm9yZykgPGpvZXlwYWJh bGluYXNAZ21haWwuY29tPokCUQQTAQgAOwIbAwULCQgHAgYVCgkICwIEFgIDAQIe AQIXgBYhBF99OJOj3rnfO8WfxwLpW09PNkPpBQJb2g8XAhkBAAoJEALpW09PNkPp VBEP/RgA02eNTkJ7XhmYxIyYrp4FdrwRCrUjVEAabsP8W4veCHoxRXKKhKnmSV/R …

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abstractions will make your code sexy again

Posted on Fri 22 December 2017 in code

Abstraction is everywhere these days. Functions are abstractions, types are abstractions, classes are abstractions, even programs and programming languages themselves are nothing but abstractions. Abstractions are really the whole foundation of computing not to mention most human achievements over the course of history, really. It is a great tool to …

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on simple code

Posted on Fri 08 December 2017 in code

As I get older, I have started to notice how many of my childhood habits that I assumed had been useful and intelligent were in fact, horrible ones. All of these fancy words I had thought made me look smart, in actuality, often just made me seem like an egotistical …

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the magic of dispatch tables and dynamic arrays

Posted on Wed 29 November 2017 in code

I love C. Quite simply, I find it an incredibly fun language to program in. Even through all the weird, little Heisenbugs, the segmentation faults, the incredibly confusing linker errors, it is still my favorite programming language by far. You will hear a lot of bad press about C:

“There …

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